Sergio Martinez-Nicolas

Sergio Martínez-Nicolás

Web Developer | Product Photographer
#DigitalDesigner #IxD #Hosting #CyberSecurity #eBusiness

“The art of digital marketing lies in simplifying things”
After graduating from the University of Granada, he soon set out for foreign lands. After experiences in British Columbia, Wyoming, French Savoy and Barcelona, he came to the Tyrol as part of the UEFA EURO’08 team. Since founding the agency in 2010, he’s managed to get established in such a highly contested market thanks to his multidisciplinary nature. „Being a designer, programmer and photographer would get me nowhere, if I wasn’t consistent. While the knowledge and experience provide you the resources, in this ever-changing society only keeping a clear head can get you good results under all circumstances.“
As a graphic designer and web developer he moves lines of codes with the greatest of ease, looking for the perfect blend of functionality and design. And it is in his product and scenery photos where he finds his maximum expression. „Besides developing elaborated concepts, you also have to figure out the best way to distribute them as the results are not something to be left to chance.“
Conscious of the information overload of today’s society, finding new avenues for reaching the target audience has become his constant goal. „It’s a challenge that can change shape overnight and you have to keep moulding like a great potter to give it form.“ The inveterate innovator knows about the common confusion between innovation and invention. „Innovation means doing things differently to establish a connection to people.“

Maria Villgratter

Maria Villgratter

Content Marketing Specialist
#Strategist #SocialBigData #PersonalizedMarketing #SEO

“Three strong words are more powerful than a meaningless text”
Trained in languages at the University of Innsbruck, Udine and Alicante, she is well aware of the key role of words and texts as marketing tools. „The words you use to engage people with your products or services are as important to your brand as graphic design and photography. Yet, so often, written content is neglected or rushed.“
Her degrees in various foreign languages are a visible expression of her linguistic passion and credentials for the content marketing profession. As a versed copywriter she combines powerful words to meaningful texts. She chooses her words carefully and makes them count. Verbal agility, creativity and adaptability to the target group are the main ingredients for catchy content that effectively appeals to customers. „When elaborating tailored texts, you need to get a feeling for the products or businesses in order to do them justice on a linguistic level.“ Recognizing the key role of Google and co., the type of content she pens is customer-oriented and search engine-optimized.
Interdisciplinary tasks such as product handling, photo selection and creating and editing content in CMS provide her a more comprehensive picture of a brand, unlocking additional potential for content marketing.
Whether it is web content, product descriptions, press releases or newsletters, the lingustic all-rounder is sure to find the right words for any business.